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Andy Hall
When Safety Risks Turn Deadly - Real-life Consequences of Ignoring Manufacturing Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is the primary piece of..

Andy Hall
What Manufacturing Hazards Will Really Look Like In the Fast-Approaching 4th Industrial Revolution

New technologies, changing forms of employment and an ageing workforce are..

Andy Hall
Top 5 Surprising Health And Safety Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector is made up of a diverse range of industries, from..

Andy Hall
4 Most Effective Tactics for Health And Safety Compliance In Manufacturing

In 2016/17, 19 workers died, 60,000 non-fatal injuries were reported and..

Andy Hall
How To Fight and Win With Repetitive Strain, Poor Ergonomics and Poor Posture On Your Busy Production Line

Whether your employees work on a PC or production line, it’s your legal..

Andy Hall
Automation – Creating New Risks?

Sharing our workspace with robots is no longer a revolutionary concept...

Andy Hall
Unravelling ISO45001 with Andy Hall

Before joining Southalls, I spent many years as a health and..

Andy Hall
Top 5 Reasons Why UK Manufacturers MUST Comply With Safety Regulations

The manufacturing sector is made up of a range of diverse industries with an..

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