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Andy Hall
What Manufacturing Hazards Will Really Look Like In the Fast-Approaching 4th Industrial Revolution

New technologies, changing forms of employment and an ageing workforce are..

Andy Hall
Top 5 Surprising Health And Safety Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector is made up of a diverse range of industries, from..

Andy Hall
4 Most Effective Tactics for Health And Safety Compliance In Manufacturing

In 2016/17, 19 workers died, 60,000 non-fatal injuries were reported and..

Andy Hall
How To Fight and Win With Repetitive Strain, Poor Ergonomics and Poor Posture On Your Busy Production Line

Whether your employees work on a PC or production line, it’s your legal..

Andy Hall
Automation – Creating New Risks?

Sharing our workspace with robots is no longer a revolutionary concept...

Andy Hall
Unravelling ISO45001 with Andy Hall

Before joining Southalls, I spent many years as a health and..

Andy Hall
Top 5 Reasons Why UK Manufacturers MUST Comply With Safety Regulations

The manufacturing sector is made up of a range of diverse industries with an..

Andy Hall
10 Need-to-Know Health and Safety Tips For UK Manufacturers

With workers taking on high-risk activities every day, manufacturers need..

Andy Hall
UK Manufacturers' Ultimate Guide To Safety Crisis Management

It is the moment every employer in the manufacturing industry dreads – a..

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