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John Southall
What Evidence Have You Been Missing In Your Accident Reports?

In 2017/18, HSE statistics reveal that there were  144 workers killed at..

John Southall
Helping Your Employees Feel Safe At Work

How safe do your employees feel at work? How you answer that question will..

John Southall
PAT Testing: The Top 9 Myths We've Had To Bust

Portable appliance use is widespread across all industries, from a..

John Southall
Up and Down: Mastering Ladder Safety Standards

Last year, the ladder standards changed. This was to improve the safety of..

John Southall
4 Things You MUST Know About Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an essential tool for aiding escape in the event of..

John Southall
8 Common Safety Threats You May Be Missing

Whether you’re operating in a high-risk manufacturing environment or a..

John Southall
The Festive Season - Employees Under The Influence

Recreational use of alcohol and drugs is becoming more and more common..

John Southall
How To Reduce Risks Associated With Fireworks

As builders merchants and garden centres who stock timber or timber..

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