Builders Merchants And Their Journey To Compliance In 2019

Eliza Bonecka

As health and safety specialists with dozens of years of experience, including our work as ex-enforcement officers, we understand that the builders merchant journey to compliance can be complicated, costly and let’s be honest - a little bit exhausting.

With that in mind, Southalls have generated an extremely useful, free health and safety resource, that will make this journey more pleasant and easier for all your staff. How?

Let the games begin

In order to make your journey to compliance a little bit more joyful, we’ve decided to sprinkle the old health and safety with a little bit of Southalls magic. You’re going to find a number of useful articles on our blog written specifically for builders merchants, the latest merchant prosecutions write-ups, and free checklists available to download along with other social media activities like polls and games.

builder-merchants health and safety game free advice

Here are the rules

  • We’re going to release a number of articles that can be later found on Southalls blog. They’re going to be spread evenly across the year, making sure we tackle crucial health and safety issues affecting builders merchants in all seasons.

  • You’ll find reminders on our latest article release on our social media platforms. Make sure to tune up on our LinkedIn Page, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss out on Southalls stories on Instagram, too!

  • You can check what health and safety topics we’re about to discuss in the next 12 months here.

  • Every few weeks we’re going to unlock additional health and safety checklists in a print-friendly format, ready to be used at your builders merchant. You can see our checklist release dates here.

  • Checklist release dates are also going to be announced within our blog posts. Make sure you don’t miss out on them! 


In case of any questions about Southalls game of compliance or any other issues, please email us directly at safetyadvice@southalls.com.

Let’s start!

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