November 2019_ HS Prosecutions In Warehousing

Warehousing: The Latest H&S Prosecutions

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On 22 March 2018, whilst working in Foulger Transport Limited’s hub warehouse, Martin Shepherd was struck by a moving forklift truck and knocked to the ground. Before the vehicle came to a stop Mr Shepherd’s foot became trapped under the wheel, breaking bones in the upper part of the foot...

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Workplace transport remains and is likely to remain one of the biggest risk factors in any business where vehicles and pedestrians operate in close proximity. Businesses need to critically look at their operations beginning with the overall layout of a site - designing out hazards is always preferable. If that isn’t possible temporary measures such as removable barriers could also be considered.

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Staff training and awareness shouldn’t be neglected either as well as the use of signage to help influence behaviour.


Almost 50 serious injuries – including broken bones – have been suffered by Amazon workers at its Tilbury warehouse in the past two years, figures show. The GMB union uncovered figures from Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations that reveal 47 serious injuries...

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When businesses identify through effective accident recording there are trends appearing, it’s important that they use this as a indicator to identify if there are any root causes as only by tackling these will there be noticeable differences in reducing the number of injuries. RIDDOR submissions should always contain sufficient detail to outline the circumstances of an acccident but importantly should contain good detail on the mitigating steps that have been taken to ensure that repeat occurences are less likely.

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Logistics company DHL has been fined £2.6m over the death of an employee who was killed when a stack of car and lorry tyres collapsed at a warehouse.Robert Baynham, 50, was crushed to death as he worked at an office inside the storage facility in Coventry on 2 February 2016...

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Careful arrangements must always be made to ensure that stock is stored safely in warehouse environments where there are vehicle movements. The storage options being used must be suitable for the goods being stored, should be secure in place and protected against lift truck impact through the use of column guards for example. Additionally the storage should be located in such a way that the risk of lift truck impact is minimised, such as ensuring appropriate turning circles or being able to drive clearly up to stores.


Mid UK Recycling has been fined more than £1.2 million after an employee lost part of his arm in a conveyor belt at one of its Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Lincolnshire. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Lincoln Crown Court heard that on 26 April 2015, an employee of Mid-UK Recycling Ltd was working as a line operator in the building known as ‘Unit 4 MRF’...





Machinery should be appropriately guarded and / or prevent any access where possible, as part of looking to design out operatives needing to expose themselves to an increased risk of harm. Daily checks should be in place on these safety systems and faults or problems should be reported immediately. Maintenance is also time to consider appropriate safety arrangements, and it may be necessary to have in place isolation procedures supported by a permit to work system. Staff should be made aware of the safety features in place and the reasons why they are there, and any attempts by personnel to override or disable features introduced to protect worker safety should be dealt with robustly.

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