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John Southall
The Expert’s Guide to Vehicle Loading

Every trade supplier recognises the risks of vehicle loading and unloading...

John Southall
Ladders 101: All the Safety Basics You Need to Know

To improve safety and prevent accidents, new ladder standards were..

Sarah Leake
How Much Do You Really Know About Asbestos Management?

Currently, a shocking 125 million people worldwide are exposed to asbestos..

Guest Blog Post
What Our Experts Have to Say About Litigation Privilege and Internal Investigations

Litigation privilege – a legal principle concerning the confidentiality of..

John Southall
9 Myths You’ve Been Told About PAT Testing

Portable appliances are used everywhere from small offices to sprawling..

John Southall
The Fundamentals of Hiring Contractors in Your Workspace - an Employer's Guide

Contractors are a vital part of many businesses, providing much-needed..

John Southall
10 Easy Ways to Get Your Staff Moving

The demands of a desk job can keep your workers seated for hours each day...

Paul Barker
Wood Dust Exposure Prevention and Control In Sawmills

The inhalation of wood dust can cause serious health problems, which vary..

Andy Hall
The UK Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy: Southalls Response

Southalls have already worked with our clients to provide a range of..

John Southall
Secret ROI Tips That Will Make You Rethink Your Current H&S Strategy

According to SMEs, budget constraints are the main reason for holding back..

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