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Angela Southall
Underage Knife Sales In Garden Centres and Builders Merchants

Knife crime is on the rise with fatal stabbings at a record high. Whilst..

Emma Bavin
Food Safety In a Post-Brexit World - What Every Food Business Needs To Know

As the UK teeters on the brink of leaving the EU, the responsibility for..

Emma Bavin
Takeaway Bosses Jailed Over Death Of Allergy Sufferer

In November 2018 two takeaway bosses were jailed for the manslaughter of..

Kate Careford
Food Businesses - Beware The New Manslaughter Sentencing Guidelines!

Serving food to the public? Then you need to know about the new Manslaughter..

Eliza Bonecka
The Latest Webinar On-Demand Now

Our latest webinar 2019 Health and Safety Check - Are You Prepared? was..

Ian Hatherly
Young Workers In Builders Merchants At Higher Risk Of Injury

It’s a tragic fact that young workers are statistically more likely to be..

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