Workplace DSE Assessments

Workplace DSE Assessments

Your team can spend hours at their workstations each day, so conditions need to be comfortable and compliant. Take a proactive approach to screen, seating and equipment standards before occupational hazards put employee health and productivity at risk.  
Eliza Bonecka

In line with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, business owners must ensure their team’s workstations meet minimum standards. This covers not only employees’ PC or laptop screens, but also their wider working environment and equipment – from keyboards and mice to desks, office chairs, lighting and room temperature.  

As part of a comprehensive health and safety audit, a workstation assessment will ensure you’re promoting the long-term health of your employees, as well as adhering to occupational health regulations. It also actively supports employees who suffer pain due to: 

  • Poor workstation postural habits
  • Injury or ill health
  • Disability or return to work from a long absence

Our ergonomic assessors are trained to conduct detailed seating analysis and workstation overviews (typically known as DSE assessments) for all office environments. The goal is to pinpoint working patterns and practices that could be contributing to health issues, such as screen-related eye strain or back, neck, shoulder and arm pain caused by a slouched seating position. 

Your Southalls consultant will typically spend 30 minutes at each individual’s workstation, covering key concerns including: 

- Case history

- Health and safety checklist

- Working pattern and breaks

- Task analysis

- Postural analysis

- Environmental analysis

- Workstation adjustments and advice 

- Display screen equipment risk assessment


We summarise each health and safety risk assessment with an overview of risk areas, step-by-step suggestions on raising standards and advice on RIDDOR reporting for workplace incidents and injuries. 

We’ll also provide expert advice on required maintenance measures, such as regular break schedules, employee eye tests and refresher training for your team.

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