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COVID-19 Protection For Now – and Expert Guidance For What’s Next

As your school welcomes more pupils, it's important to focus on their immediate safety – but it also pays to plan the way ahead. We offer a full suite of H&S services, protecting your site, staff and students for today and tomorrow.   

We're currently providing a complimentary COVID-19 support package when you sign up for 24 months of our trusted Safety Plus H&S consultancy service. You'll enjoy a round-the-clock safety partner for the next two years, plus instant access to coronavirus solutions tailored to the education sector: 

  • A dedicated consultant to clarify your school's required safety measures and guidance in writing and implementing COVID-19 risk assessments, compliance checklists and health surveillance questionnaires.
  • A complete COVID-19 compliance check, including a site visit and gap analysis of your coronavirus safety procedures, full review of your existing risk assessments and detailed compliance report with actionable recommendations. 
  • Tailored COVID-19 e-learning modules to educate onsite staff and homeworkers about coronavirus hazards.
  • Full access to Safety Cloud online software to help you effortlessly record compliance checks and collate employee training activity. 

We are committed to making COVID-19 safety simpler for schools. To discuss your compliance challenges and learn more about our current offer, please fill in your details and we'll call you in the next 24h.


COVID-19 safety services from Southalls.

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