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SCHOOLS: The Latest Health and Safety Prosecutions

By Caroline Lee


The 48-year-old teacher was on a trip to the UK, bringing students to the college from Italy. Whilst at the front of St Andrew’s College, Station Road, Cambridge, the driver reversed over the teacher, only stopping his delivery vehicle after members of the public alerted him...



Caroline Lee

A company has been fined £30,000 costs following a serious accident involving a teacher at a Cambridge college. The teacher who was on a school trip from Italy was severely injured when a delivery driver reversed over her, during an unsafe manoeuvre. The company running the school were heavily criticised by the HSE because they had not implemented safe systems of work to control workplace transport risks. Make sure that you consider the control of vehicles on your school site, including those making deliveries, ensuring segregation of vehicles from pedestrians, designated delivery areas, and implementation of one way systems where possible.

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Newnham College has been fined for failings that exposed employees and subcontractors to asbestos during refurbishment of a flat owned by the college. Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard that in March 2018, employees of Newnham College and subcontractors were carrying out a refurbishment of a flat on Grange Road, Cambridge when asbestos insulation debris was discovered in the floor voids after work had been carried out in them...



Caroline Lee

A Cambridge college has been found guilty of breaching the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and fined £12000. The college failed to carry out the required asbestos survey prior to refurbishment works being carried out at one of their flats, leading to the potential exposure of employees and contractors to asbestos insulation debris. This prosecution highlights that companies are still failing to adhere to their duties under CAR, in that refurbishment and demolition (R&D) surveys should be carried out to locate asbestos before work starts that could potentially expose individuals to asbestos fibres. Remember that asbestos can be present in hidden locations within buildings.


An academy chain that ran "chaotic" special needs schools is having its finances investigated by police and facing claims it put children at risk. SchoolsCompany Trust was in charge of three Pupil Referral Units (PRU) in Devon and a mainstream school in Kent...



Caroline Lee

A BBC investigation revealed that a Devon Trust was mismanaging finances and exposing children to a risk of harm. The main safety findings of the investigation included that children, who had special educational needs, were able to access mouse poison, had inadequate welfare facilities, and there was inadequate safeguarding procedures in place. You must ensure that facilities on site are managed to prevent the risk of harm to students, teachers, and visitors to the site; this includes appropriate electrical installation testing, gas safe inspections, use of reputable pest control contractors, and water services monitoring and maintenance.

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