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Better Services, Safer Businesses – What You Can Expect From Us In 2021

As our long-standing customers, you’ll know that Southalls never stands still. You’re at the centre of our plans for the...

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Is Your Garden Centre Christmas-Compliant? Seven Santa-Approved Essentials For a Safe Festive Season

Christmas comes early for most garden centres, with seasonal displays designed and delivered months before the December rush....

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Building Work and Expansion: CDM Regulations & Tips For Schools

Mention the acronym ‘CDM’ and the image of a construction site is conjured up in the minds of most facilities managers....

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Commercial Tenants and Landlords: What Are Their Health & Safety Responsibilities?

The terms of your lease will usually outline your responsibilities and those of your landlord. Your lease should say who is...

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9 Myths You’ve Been Told About PAT Testing

Portable appliances are used everywhere from small offices to sprawling construction sites – but there are widespread...

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The Fundamentals of Hiring Contractors in Your Workspace - an Employer's Guide

Contractors are a vital part of many businesses, providing much-needed manpower or niche expertise to deliver projects on time...

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How To Sell the Importance of Warehouse Safety to Retail Board Members

As a Health & Safety Manager you know it makes sense to invest in safety, but how do you persuade the board to spend time and...

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The Complete Guide to CDM Regulations for Builders Merchants

Mention the acronym ‘CDM’ and the image of a construction site is conjured up in the minds of most builders merchant owners....

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We're Spreading The Joy This Christmas Season

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that...

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Prosecutions 2019: Worker Crushed By Mini-Digger

A waste management company in Northern Ireland has been fined £25,000 after an employee at a recycling plant was crushed and...

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