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CORONAVIRUS_ A Short Guide To Homeworking-1

Tips on Staying Healthy, Positive & Productive

Suddenly making the switch to homeworking can be daunting – but there is a right way to work remotely. Our free guide helps you maintain business as usual in your brand new surroundings. 
We’ve shared the five fundamentals of successful homeworking, plus expert tips on: 
  • Setting up an effective workstation 
  • Getting the correct kit from your employer  
  • Staying motivated and connected to your team 
  • Avoiding home office health hazards, from eyestrain to RSI  
  • Structuring a get-it-done day 
  • Boosting physical and mental wellbeing while you work 
We’re all in this together, so download your free guide and get to grips with your new way of working, wherever you are. 

Southalls Complete Guide to Homeworking